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05 August 2009 @ 09:52 pm

This place has gone all to hell, and I feel kinda bad about it. Its nothing but a couple of songs I've been listening to while doing summer work, but hey, some music is always fun, right? This place died a while ago, but I've seen that songs of mine were still downloaded even as recently as yesterday. Maybe I'll start something somewhere else.

(I make) Good Girls Go Bad :: Cobra Starship -- I only heard this a few times this week alone, but its really addicting. The beat is awesome, though it reminds me a lot of Rhianna's Disturbia. Leighton sounds good, I suppose. Just as a whole, a fun listen.
Back Up In This :: Designer Drugs -- I don't even know where I started with Designer Drugs. I think I was just randomly clicking stuff on Myspace. But I wanted to put Strange Enough up here, but it won't upload and I can't aghhhhh. You should still hear it though. But regardless they're both cool and remind me of hot dancing. yea, that.
Go On Girl || Part Of The List :: Neyo -- I have a thing for all Neyo songs, but these two are really nice. The first one makes me smile even though its about a breakup -- how he's 'too fly to be depressed', and the bg is gorgeous. The second one will remind anyone of someone they really care about. Its an absolutely beautiful song.
Cookie Jar :: Gym Class Heroes -- I love this song. The whole thing is a metaphor for cheating, but its a really good one...you know what I mean. Its really catchy; I've had it stuck in my head for a long time now. Plus the video is a kind of funny sexy thing too.
Click Flash :: Ciara -- ...Its my fault for watching the Sex in the City movie one too many times. But this played when Carrie was taking pictures for Vogue, and I really liked it. There are more rappish parts in it that I thought it could do without, but its still really fun. It makes me happy.
A Dance 'Round The Memory Tree :: Oren Lavie -- This song hold a lot of memories for me, but honestly its absolutely gorgeous and sad and sweet at the same time. It came from the Narnia: Prince Caspian soundtrack, at the very very very end of the credits, and its absolutely amazing. Definitely one of my person loves.

....annnnd thats pretty much the end of finalriot, unless other people start posting again. That I highly doubt though. But regardless: if you enjoy it, it'd be nice if you commented, but other than that, you all know the drill. :)
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16 November 2008 @ 09:37 pm



The Geeks Were Right (DIOYY Remix)::The Faint | indie rock, new wave
Pogo::Digitalism | electro house, dance punk
Weird Science::Does It Offend You, Yeah? | electro rock, new wave
11H30 (DatA Remix)::Danger | electro rock
Disposable Parts::Enon | indie rock
Death To Los Campesinos!::Los Campesinos! | indie pop
I Am Not Your Gameboy::Freezepop | electro pop, electro clash
Defeat You::Smash Mouth | ska punk, alt. rock
Computer Camp Love::Datarock | dance punk, electro-rock
Technologic::Daft Punk | electronica

decided to make you guys a teeny mixtape. just something to dance or goof off to. there was a theme here, but, er, IT VANISHED. mix is all up on mediafire. if you're having trouble with it, just ask for a mirror and I'll deliver. ♥
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02 November 2008 @ 03:53 pm
So I planned on posting this album a couple of months ago. LMAO. But college life caught up with me so yeah. I’ve been listening to this album (genre: punk/pop) since the eighth grade and it always brings back good memories. So I thought I’d share it.

Uhhh, some songs I recommend are “In This Diary”, “Looking Back On Today”, and “Boys of Summer” (a cover of Don Henley’s The Boys of Summer). I’m pretty fond of most of the songs on this album. Anyways, you can preview the songs before downloading and stuff.

The Ataris; So Long, Astoria

8 So Long, Astoria // download

4 So Long, Astoria // download | listen
4 Takeoffs and Landings // download | listen
4 In This Diary // download | listen
4 My Reply // download | listen
4 Unopened Letter to the World // download | listen
4 The Saddest Song // download | listen
4 Summer ‘79 // download | listen
4 The Hero Dies in This One // download | listen
4 All You Can Ever Learn is What You Already Know // download | listen
4 The Boys Of Summer // download | listen
4 Radio #2 // download | listen
4 Looking Back On Today // download | listen
4 Eight Of Nine // download | listen
4 I Won’t Spend Another Night Alone // download | listen
4 The Saddest Song (Acoustic) // download | listen

Comments aren't necessary but it'd be cool if you could tell me if I fucked up a link or something so I can fix it. All download links are from mediafire but if you like a song and can't download from MF, I can upload it somewhere else for you.
23 September 2008 @ 05:02 pm
new layout!!

finalriot finalriot finalriot
20 September 2008 @ 10:36 am
made a quick shuffle list for you guys. if you like anything in particular, let me know; i love talking music.

grounds for divorce + elbow (genre :: alternative rock )
heartbeat + annie (genre :: pop; techno)
better son-daughter + rilo kiley (genre ::  alternative )
my manic and i + laura marling (genre :: folk; acoustic)
tristesse joie + yelle (genre :: alternative; pop; techno; french)
friend is a four letter word + cake (genre :: alternative)
hitten + those dancing days (genre ::alternative; pop)

all songs have been uploaded to box.net in case you want to listen before you download. if you need a mirror, just let me know.
music: Asian Kung-Fu Generation; Tightrope
27 August 2008 @ 10:26 pm
Random mix; some of these were songs that just came up on shuffle, others are tracks I'm particularly enjoying at the moment. Leaving the comments short and sweet tonight -- feeling kinda lazy. ♥

VERBAL DECEPTION ☢ JEWELS OF THE DEAD pirate death metal | death metal isn't that...accessible, even for me, but I think part of the reason I like this band is because their music = what metalhead pirates would produce.

JUDAS PRIEST ☢ ELECTRIC EYE heavy metal | One of my favorite tracks off Screaming for Vengeance, which is a sick album to begin with. I need to upload it some day.

GUNS N' ROSES ☢ PARADISE CITY hard rock | Super catchy stuff! ♥ I listen to it when I'm too tired for the heavier stuff.

DIO ☢ GYPSY heavy metal | Came up randomly on shuffle, still one of my favorite Dio songs.

BLACK TIDE ☢ LIGHT FROM ABOVE hard rock/metal | Black Tide is relatively new, but totally worth a listen. Thanks to my friend for playing their CD in his car.

BLACK SABBATH ☢ NEON KNIGHTS heavy metal | One of the tracks from the first Sabbath album where Dio was the vocalist. Nice classic stuff.

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY ☢ BLACKENED WATERS heavy/southern metal | Good old home-made BLS. ♥

AC/DC ☢ BACK IN BLACK hard rock | Yeah this is pretty well known stuff, but it came up on shuffle and I like it, so why the hell not.

LORDI ☢ PET THE DESTROYER hard rock/metal | Some typical Lordi weirdness. Really nice riff at the beginning.

JAG PANZER ☢ IRON SHADOWS power metal | Uploaded to Mediafire, because Box.net is a bitch. Came up on shuffle, reminded me that I should listen to my Jag Panzer album in its entirety like I said I would a long time ago.

☠ commenting is awesome.
☠ tell me about broken links, wrong urls, etc.
☠ everything (except "iron shadows") upped to Box.net for sampling purposes.
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11 August 2008 @ 04:01 pm
alright folks, i posted this once and it still hasn't really been followed. the posters are taking the time to upload music for you all. the least you can do is comment when you take a song, and album or a whole mix. a lot of uploads are to box.net, which allows us to see how many downloads per song.

also, almost all of the posters include something about commenting when taking. you people need to really start doing that. cause that helps us know what is liked.

we have 167 members, and the max comments per entry are in the 20's, sometime more, but sometimes that is the case cause we reply to those who are taking. with as many members as we have, that is a little sad. so, please, i cannot stress the following enough:

comment when/if taking, especially
when the poster has asked you to.
11 August 2008 @ 12:03 am
I recall someone expressing some interest in Deep Purple in the past? Either way this is a really good album; it was released recently but retains that old-school flavor that I love oh so much. No track streams today, I'm tired. 8)b
rapture of the deep.
  1. Money Talks
  2. Girls Like That
  3. Wrong Man
  4. Rapture of the Deep
  5. Clearly Quite Absurd
  6. Don't Let Go
  7. Back to Back
  8. Kiss Tommorow Goodbye
  9. MTV
  10. Junkyard Blues
  11. Before Time Began

▶ Uploaded to Mediafire.
▶ Commenting = excellent.
▶ Tell me if files need reuploading, I linked to the wrong download, etc.
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05 August 2008 @ 08:32 am
It's Danielle again. I'm making a post featuring the jrock band Sambomaster in response to outcast's request.  They're a super energetic band who just have fun making their music.  It's awesome.  Trust us.  ALSO. i tried translating the song titles with my japanese skills of utter fail.  if anyone catches any blaring mistakes, please let me know. |D

I also added some random mp3s because I probably won't make another post during the week.  I'll be pretty busy with RL stuff, but I'll try to make posts at least once a week until things settle down.   LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK.  i'm dying to know.

Sambomaster + 1 Album.  1 Single.

The Soloist in the Living Room + Cold War Kids--  this song isn't featured on their full length album, and it's pretty short and simple, but i still love it.    (genre :: alternative rock)
I Like + Katy Rose -- i'm glad that i can say that i got into this song back when i was 16.  it's pretty 'i am teen girl, hear me  *rawr*,' but it's still catchy. |D (genre :: pop rock)
Ghosts + Laura Marling -- a folky number with a disenchanted love story to tell.  it's pretty impressive considering the artist was 18 when she wrote it.  (genre :: alternative, folk)
History Repeating + Propellerheads feat.Shirley Bassey -- this song is awesome.  the propellerheads and ms. bassey are an unlikely pairing, but they can make one helluva song together, as proven with this song. ( genre :: alternative, jazz, pop)

= i can upload the entire album/single if you want. :)

all songs have been uploaded to box.net in case you want to listen before you download. if you need a mirror, just let me know. the albums have been linked to sendspace.com.
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03 August 2008 @ 09:17 pm
benziebox. cartagena. doomsdays. fairynine. kamikaze108. noisejunkie. saikuron. stereoforks.

feel free to comment to this post if you'd like to affiliate.